Fact: Untreated hearing loss has been associated with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
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Services at Physicians Hearing Clinic

At Physicians Hearing Clinic at Shea ENT, our patients enjoy a comprehensive team approach to ensure they receive the best care possible. Our mission is to enhance your quality of life whether you need education to manage your hearing loss, assistive listening devices, medical intervention, or amplification. Our licensed Doctors of Audiology and ENT Medical Doctor work with you by explaining the options available and deciding with you what plan of action would be best.

Hearing test at Physicians Hearing ClinicHearing Aid Services

First, one of our Doctors of Audiology will perform a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation. This is necessary to determine the degree of hearing loss as well as the type. Immediately following the hearing evaluation, we will explain your specific hearing loss as well as the options and recommendations for treatment. If we find that there is medical cause for the hearing loss, you will be seen by Dr. Shea for a medical evaluation.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Following a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation, we will discuss options for treatment. We will discuss your specific lifestyle, needs, and limitations. Our Doctors of Audiology understand that one hearing aid does not fit all. We spend an extensive amount of time educating you on the options available including hearing aid styles and the differences between the technologies available today. We also spend the same amount of time listening to your concerns and explanation of the different situations and environments that you have trouble in. Based on this open communication, we can decide together what will be the best option for you.

Hand holding haloHearing Aid Sales

A digital hearing aid is a miniature computer system that discriminates between music, voice, and extraneous noise to provide clear, natural hearing. We offer a wide selection of the most up-to-date technology from a variety of manufacturers including EarQ, Siemens, Oticon, Resound, Starkey, and Widex. We work with you to find the best solution based on your hearing loss, listening needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Orientation

If you decide to purchase hearing aids, we will schedule a hearing aid fitting and orientation. At this visit, we will fit the hearing aid based on your hearing test results and provide instruction on care and maintenance of the hearing aid and batteries.

Real Ear Verification

Real ear verification refers to measuring the hearing aid’s performance and verifying that appropriate amplification is being delivered. This is done by placing a small probe microphone in the patient’s ear canal and measuring the output of the hearing aid in response to pre-recorded speech stimuli.

Real ear measurements are an imperative part of a hearing aid fitting. The size and shape of each patient’s ear canal is different and must be taken into account. In the absence of real ear measurements, average data must be used and this can lead to under- or over-amplification of the hearing aid. By using a precise measurement, our Doctors of Audiology can fine tune the hearing aid to your specific needs.

Hearing Aid Checks

Checkup at Physicians Hearing ClinicIt is important to understand that getting a hearing aid is a process. We will schedule several hearing aid checks to fine tune and adjust the hearing aids as you use them. After the initial hearing aid fitting, we typically schedule several hearing aid checks over the next two or three months. After that, we like to see our patients every six to twelve months to clean and check their hearing aids and be sure everything is working properly.

Hearing Aid Extended Warranty Sales and Service

Extended hearing aid repair and loss and damage warranties can be purchased through our office from the hearing aid manufacturer.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We provide in-house repairs for a variety of manufacturers’ hearing aids. Hearing aids dispensed by our office come with a two-, three-, or four-year repair warranty. If we cannot repair the hearing aid in our office, we will send the aid to the manufacturer or an all-make repair company. If your hearing aid is out of warranty, we will discuss the fees associated with the specific repair.



Testimonial from a satisfied Physicians Hearing Clinic client:

"I am 95, have been wearing hearing aids for many years, and have tested dozens of hearing aid places. I feel so fortunate to have found a place, at last, that is not only knowledgeable and caring, but somewhere I can trust. As we age, the word "trust" becomes increasingly more important. Shea ENT gives much more than competent audiology services; they truly care about all of their clients. They are a rarity in the hearing aid realm."


Diagnostic Services

Hearing test at Physicians Hearing ClinicAudiometric Evaluation

A comprehensive audiometric evaluation consists of pure-tone audiometry and speech audiometry. During pure-tone audiometry, headphones are used to present different tones at various frequencies. By doing this, we can determine the softest tones that the patient can hear, which we then use to diagnose the type and degree of hearing loss.

During speech audiometry, we first find a Speech Reception Threshold (SRT), then we find a Word Recognition Score (WRS). To find a SRT, we ask the patient to repeat two-syllable words back to us. We find the softest level at which the patient can correctly repeat the words. A WRS reveals what percentage of words can be repeated correctly when the words are presented in quiet at a comfortable listening level.


Tympanometry is used to determine middle ear function. It is used to find fluid, impacted cerumen, perforated eardrums, scarring, and other middle ear pathologies.

Acoustic Reflex Testing

Acoustic reflex testing evaluates involuntary muscle contractions that occur in the middle ear in response to high-intensity sounds. This testing is used in combination with pure-tone audiometry and tympanometry to rule out retro-cochlear involvement.

Child hearing testOtoacoustic Emission (OAE) Testing

OAE testing, a sensitive measure of inner ear function, is useful in obtaining objective information from the cochlea. This test is mainly used in infants and children to assess hearing sensitivity.



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